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Still image of "Tree People" as part of the exhibition "Model Home Part 1:  After Wisconsin Death Trip", at The Poor Farm, in Little Wolf, Wisconsin.

“Tree People” is an 11 minute, 8-channel animation that debuted as part of a larger show co-organized with artist Peter Scott, called “Model Home Part 1:  After Wisconsin Death Trip”, at an experimental art space called The Poor Farm, in rural Wisconsin.  This room-sized, quasi-sculptural, video installation uses arrangements of flatscreen televisions to assume the appearance of a nineteenth-century puppet theater.  This tableau sets up a conversation between two digitally constructed “hand puppets” who discuss a fictional video game.  Animations of historical “fortune teller” style games, such as the ouija board and magic eight ball accompany the characters to address themes of destiny, history and death within emerging, interactive forms of entertainment.

Single channel version of "Tree People", 2022.

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